CEBA at the Cooler

"CEBA at the Cooler" - this is a video chat at the Gather that takes place every Friday at noon. Everyone can join us.
CEBA at the cooler takes place every Friday at 12:00 Moscow time (19:00 AEST / 09:00 GMT).

Link to connect.
In case of problems, please write to:
CEBA at the cooler is an informal meeting of laboratory researchers who are scattered around the world. We strive to maintain the unity of our laboratory. So at the cooler you can have the same everyday conversations that employees usually have in offices during coffee breaks.

You can also ask all organizational questions that concern you regarding the Center or discuss the progress of current research.
Okay, but what is Gather?
Gather is a software platform that allows you to create custom virtual spaces and host virtual events in them. In terms of functionality, it is similar to the well-known Zoom, Skype, Teams. But outwardly, it resembles and is arranged like old 8-bit games. 👾 We invite you to visit our space.
Do I need to install something?
No, this is not necessary. Gather will open in your browser.
Please note: Gather on Safari is still in beta. You may experience audio and video problems. It is recommended to use Google Chrome or Firefox for stable work with Gather!
You can also download the Gather app for Mac and Windows here.
How can I join?
You need to follow the link. Then Gather will prompt you to create your account via Google account or e-mail. After you create your character, allow access to the camera and microphone. Then you will go through a short tutorial about the platform (you can skip it). Then you need to go to the space where the company you want to talk to is located.