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State support of the Russian contemporary art and strengthening cultural participation of citizens (the case of the SPb “MYTH” Gallery)

Abstract: Nowadays, people's interest in contemporary art is growing all over the world, and Russia is not the exception. People turn to contemporary art for vivid emotions, but in order to avoid superficial attitude, cultural spaces use special participatory practices to create a better experience of interacting with art. Despite the general increase in the attendance of cultural spaces and the increased interest in contemporary art, cultural leisure is not a regular activity for the majority of Russians. The visitor's short-term relationship to the cultural space may end as soon as the emotion economy trend passes. That can lead to the risk for cultural spaces being left without benefits from their now increased popularity. In my work, using the example of a young contemporary art gallery - MYTH, I tried to find out how relevant practices of engagement are for their visitors and how this can help the gallery.

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