Students Work

Student speeches: new round of internships

On Friday, September 17th, students presented their current projects to the Center team. Applications for participation were accepted until September 15th.

In total, a selection of 7 reports were presented # nbsp; from undergraduate to graduate students for the position of research assistants/research engineers. Projects from the field of urban development, multi-agent modeling of financial markets, application of statistical methods to political science and art economics were presented.

The talks were preceded by a presentation by the Director of the Center, Dr Lyudmila Gadasina, on the current directions of development and prospects of CEBA. The presentations lasted about 15 minutes each, followed by questions from the CEBA team. Participants who had previously participated in the Center's internships presented progress of current research and the readiness of their articles for publication, and new candidates talked about past projects and how they see themselves grow in CEBA.

The results of the competition are planned to be announced within one to two weeks by e-mail. Good luck!

More information on how to enter the Center team can be found here.