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We invite you to seminars that are held by Abderrahim Taamouti 🔥

Abderrahim Taamouti (Professor of Economics and Finance at Durham University Business School) invites everyone to join his seminars.

Seminars are held every Thursday at 17:00 Moscow time (00:00 AEST / 15:00 BST). Here you can find more information and schedule, which will be updated.

For example, tomorrow you can attend the Sophocles Mavroeidis seminar (Oxford University).

Title: Testing the effectiveness of unconventional monetary policy in Japan and the United States

Abstract: Unconventional monetary policy (UMP) may make the effective lower bound (ELB) on the short-term interest rate irrelevant. We develop an empirical test of this `irrelevance hypothesis,' based on a simple idea that under the hypothesis, the short rate can be excluded in any empirical model that accounts for alternative measures of monetary policy. We develop a theoretical model that underpins this hypothesis, and test it empirically for Japan and the United States using a structural vector autoregressive model with the ELB. For each country, we firmly reject the hypothesis but find that UMP has had strong delayed effects.

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