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The first CEBA Talk in 2022 💬🔥

The first CEBA Talk in 2022!

Time: January 14 (Friday) 14.00 Moscow time.
Speaker: Karthik Natarajan (Professor, Singapore University of Technology and Design)
Title: Tight Probability Bounds with Pairwise Independence

 Research field
Optimization and probability

What problem is your research intended to solve?
"I am interested in developing methods to tackle decision making problems when the distributional information is limited. I am also interested in applying such methods to problems across domains including transportation, finance, marketing and supply chains."

What have your study found? 
"One of the interesting findings of this work we believe is an universal bound of 4/3 for a class of problems involving randomness and optimization."

More information, a link to the research and the upcoming seminar here.
It is planned to stream to our YouTube channel and record the seminar.

We are looking forward to seeing you!